You don’t need a referral to make an appointment but you may want to see your GP or paediatrician to see if you are eligible for a Medicare rebate for Occupational Therapy services.

If you are unsure whether OT can help or if you want to have a chat to discuss your needs, please email with some details about your concerns and I would be happy to try and answer any questions. If I’m not the right person to help you, I will try to point you in the right direction to find a service that can.

Booking an appointment

Cancellation policy

Fees are charged according the current NDIS price guide.


NDIS - $193.99/hr
Self-managed participants receive a 5% discount if they pay at the time of consultation to reflect the lower administrative requirements.
All NDIS appointments are billed by the hour and include a 45 minute in room session, plus 15 minutes for preparation, intervention planning, clinical follow up and notes. The fees quoted here are for clinic based appointments. Additional fees apply for travel and are charged as per the NDIS price guide. All fees will be discussed with you when doing your service agreement. Tropics OT will always be completely transparent about fees and charges so you will never get any unexpected surprises as your plan progresses.
(Formerly Enhanced Primary Care Plan)

Chronic Disease Management Plan

Please ask your GP if you are eligible for a CDM plan. This will allow you to claim a Medicare rebate of $54.60 for up to 5 sessions per calendar year of Occupational Therapy (out-of-pocket costs still apply). A GP referral is required and your doctor needs to complete the necessary referral paperwork. Families with an eligible Medicare plan receive a concession rate for services provided but out of pocket cost still apply.


Initial assessment - $175 (concession rate)
Standard appointment - $130 (concession rate)
Medicare rebate - $54.60
A formal report is not included as part of the initial assessment as not all families require one and this helps to keep costs down. If you require a report, an additional fee applies. A summary letter will be sent to your GP in compliance with Medicare requirements and a copy provided for your records upon request.

Medicare items for Helping Children with Autism / Better Start Disability

Medicare items are available with an appropriate referral from a paediatrician or psychiatrist for children under the age of 13 to assist with the diagnosis of the child or for ongoing therapy following diagnosis. These sessions are usually shared between different allied health professionals.

Assessment/diagnosis– 4 sessions
Treatment/management– 20 sessions

These sessions are the total number available not an annual entitlement. Once used there are no further rebates available under this program.


Initial assessment - $175 (concession rate)
Standard appointment - $130 (concession rate)
Report - billed pro-rata at hourly rate
Medicare rebate - $75.95
helping children with autism / better start DSS/fahcsia
New funding packages are no longer available now that the NDIS and Early Childhood Early Intervention program is available in Cairns. If you have existing funding you can check the fees on the DSS website. These fees will no longer apply once you transition to a NDIS/ECEI plan.
PRIVATE & self funded bookings
(In clinic)


Initial assessment - $165
Standard appointment - $120
Report - $115
A written report is not included as part of the initial assessment as not all families require one and this helps to keep costs down. If you require a report, an additional fee applies.
home, school & daycare visits


Travel Zone A: All suburbs west to Redlynch, south to Woree, north to Freshwater.
Travel Zone B: Suburbs outside of above areas, south to Bentley Park, and the Northern Beaches.
Includes 45 minute visit + travel
Travel Zone A - $200
Travel Zone B - $220
Longer visits charged pro-rata at $165/hour.

Please note that many schools do not permit private therapists to provide services in the school. Consent from the school/daycare will need to be obtained before visits can occur.
sensory processing assessment
A full sensory processing assessment includes your appointment, the Sensory Processing Measure and a written summary of the results. A follow up appointment is generally recommended to discuss the results in more detail and to increase your understanding of how sensory processing is affecting your child. Strategies to help your child will be explored in detail so you feel confident moving forward after the session.


Sensory Processing Assessment - $300
Followup appointment - $130
“If you want to email to discuss your needs, I would be happy to try to answer any questions.”